“Since moving to Quadranet I have only been impressed with their professionalism and software solutions. No regrets, no looking back!”
Dan Lindsay, World Service, Nottingham

“Described by international media as the ‘hottest table in town’,  La Sala is beautiful in its simplicity – unrivalled service, great entertainment.  Its hospitality guest management system has to complement our chic and busy operation and we rely on Quadranet’s system across our enterprise to do just that.”

James Hastwell, Regional Operations Director
La Sala



Due to the new preload function within QuadRewards, we were able to use a social media campaign to gain nearly 200 new members within half an hour! The flexibility of QuadRewards allows us to control our own promotions and increase our number of return customers, resulting in our member spend per head doubling since going live.”

Jon Charles, Founder
Laundrette Chorlton