We asked Steve Edwards for his thoughts about the challenges facing hospitality in 2021. 

“When we reopen, Brexit  will affect us, most obviously with price rises on goods imported from EU.  It’s too early to say whether Brexit will limit supply but it is certainly more challenging to get the products we need from the EU. With latest figures saying there is already a drop of 10% or more of imports from the EU, these challenges will, we fear, increase. If EU supply is unattainable, there are – fortunately – other non EU supply alternatives, but for wines, for example,  ‘old world choices’ may be limited on menus.”

“On the flip side it is already very apparent that for UK wine growers this presents a really exciting opportunity… sadly supply is limited, but the future has changed.”

“The stay-cation boom caused by the Covid-19 crisis last year has certainly continued into 2021 with bookings at high levels already, with regulars continuing to book, but also creating a new market of customers that, without the pandemic, would never have considered holidaying in the UK.”

“One of the increasing challenges is staffing. The challenges of the ‘hoops’ to jump through to sponsor an individual from the EU are hard enough then add the costs… even so, putting all of this aside we are incredibly excited with the opening of Maer Beach this year and appreciate the support of our suppliers their flexibility as we have all had to adapt to the ever changing circumstances of the last 12 months.”

Steve Edwards is Operations Director of Michael Caines Group